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youngmozart's Journal

B. Duy Tran
23 March
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aaron copland, alexander technique, all-state band, anne-sophie mutter, anti-discrimination, arizona state university, art, asian, asian american culture, asian american history, asian american studies, asian food, asu, bach, band, band camp, band geeks, band nerd, barber, baroque music, bartok, beethoven, benny goodman, biochemistry, biology, bizet, brahms, buffet, calculus, camille saint-saens, carl maria von weber, carnegie hall, cartoons, chamber music, chemical compounds, chemistry, chinatown, clarinet, clarinet players, clarinet quintet, clarinetists, classical music, claude debussy, college, college life, community band, concerto, copland, debussy, diversity, dvorak, eddie daniels, elements, elsa ludewig-verdehr, english horn, enzymes, flute, flute player, flutist, frappucino, genetics, george gershwin, gershwin, gms, itunes, itzhak perlman, james clerk maxwell, james galway, kalinnikov, klezmer, klose, licorice stick, mac computer, mahler, mathematics, medical school, medicine, mendelssohn, mozart, music, music history, music majors, musicians, nielsen, oboe, orchestra, osborne, people of color, percy grainger, performance, performing, photography, physics, piano, piccolo, ponchielli, poulenc, powerbook g4, premed, prokofiev, proteins, puccini, rachmaninoff, ravel, reading, reeds, research, research assistants, richard stoltzman, rimsky-korsakov, rossini, sabine meyer, saint-saens, save by the bell, science books, science nerds, seiji ozawa, shostakovich, single reeds, strauss, stravinsky, sun devils, symphonies, symphony orchestra, tchaikovsky, tempe, the disney channel, the simpsons, thermodynamics, tofu, van doren, vietnam, vietnamese, vietnamese american, violin, wagner, weber, wieniawski, wind ensemble, witold lutoslawski, woodwind pedagogy, woodwind player, woodwinds, yellow, yo-yo ma